About Us

Welcome to Bakery Online, the premier Internet community for bakers, food scientists, food engineers, process engineers, plant managers, business managers, executives and other professionals involved in the bakery industry. The site features a comprehensive buyer's guide, interactive discussion forums and chat areas, and daily news updates and reports on business, regulatory, and technology trends vital to the industry.

Food scientists, food technologists, nutritionists, flavor developers, flavor chemists, research and development directors, process engineers and technicians, production engineers and technicians, plant managers, quality control/quality assurance technologists, and marketing and business managers will find information on Bakery Online about equipment such as: sifters, dough mixers, impingement ovens, dough rolling machines, dough processors, rack ovens, sheeters, dividers/rounders, moulders, proofers, agitators, boilers, dough feeding equipment, and milling equipment.

Bakery Online also covers ingredients and food additives such as: leaveners, calcium salts, freshness enhancers, maltodextrins, lecithin, emulsifiers, enzymes, flour, shortenings, and sweeteners.

The leading manufacturers in the bakery industry have recognized the benefits of being part of an online community for this vertical market. Bakery Online offers clients a way to cut through the clutter of the Internet and put their company in a position to be discovered.

VertMarkets, Inc. launched Bakery Online with two lofty goals: First, to become the preeminent source for technology, operational, product management and regulatory information for professionals in the bakery industry, and second, to create and foster conditions that allow and encourage specifiers and buyers of products and services in this industry, via the dynamic inter-activity of the Internet, to identify and communicate easily and rapidly with the suppliers who can fill their needs.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact us at info@bakeryonline.com.