Product Showcase

  1. Electrostatic Fluid Coating Systems
    TotalStat electrostatic fluid coating systems are used to spray liquids such as oils, release agents, flavorings, lubricants and acrylates onto a surface in a uniform and precise manner. These fluid droplets seek out and adhere to the surface (pan, baking sheet, steel sheet), creating an extremely predictable and controllable coating.
  2. Rapid Same-Day Food Bacteria Detection System: GreenLight™ 900 Series

    Breakthrough same-day rapid bacteria analysis for meat and food products.

  3. Commercial Kitchen Emission Collector - Smog-Hog PSG
    The Smog-Hog PSG electrostatic precipitator (ESP) eliminates cooking odors and grease from commercial kitchens used at hotels, restaurants, malls, stadiums and office buildings. This customized kitchen ventilation system can be mounted inside or outside a facility, and can be fitted in a new or existing structure.
  4. Cartridge Filters - Protura Nanofiber
    Protura Nanofiber cartridge filters are superior to 80/20 cellulose blend filters, as well as other Nanofiber cartridges. Protura Nanofiber filters last at least twice as long as commodity replacement filters, and provide a lower pressure drop--resulting in fewer filter replacements and less compressed air usage. And Protura cartridge filters are more efficient because they capture smaller dust particles that other nanofiber filters are unable to contain--even within the 0.3 to 1 micron in size. So, workers can breathe air and facilities stay cleaner.
  5. Compact Baghouse Dust Collector - BDC Series
    The BDC Series of dust collectors are ideal for industrial processes such as bin venting and raw material handling. Compact in size, this baghouse-style system can be installed inside or outside; while minimizing the occupation of valuable floor space and offers easy access for filter maintenance.
  6. Cyclone Dust Collector - C Series
    The C Series cyclone dust collector effectively removes large to moderate size particles from metal grinding, sawing and other dust producing processes. These high-efficiency dust collectors can be used alone or in conjunction with an after-filter collector, cand can be installed inside or outside of any facility.
  7. Down Flow Dust Collector - SFC Series
    The SFC Series of cartridge dust collectors effectively remove harmful dusts and smoke from industrial processes. Situated inside a factory or outdoors, these downward flow dust collectors are expandable in the field at anytime due to their modular design.
  8. FreshMarx Track
    Comprehensive Track & Trace Solution for Fresh Produce: Single Source Solution, Intuitive Operation, Easy Integration , Fully Supported , Completely Customizable, Scalable to Business Size.
  9. Brother PT-9700PC & PT-9800PCN
    The Brother PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN Desktop Barcode and Label Printers produce high-quality laminated labels suitable for harsh environment applications. With resolutions up to 360 x 720 dpi and a maximum print speed of 3.15 ips, the PT-9700PC and PT-9800PCN can be configured to print on-demand, laminated labels that will fit many vertical market applications.
  10. Everest E2000 Industrial Computer
    Windows CE is the operating system of choice for leading warehouse and distribution centers. Ideal for thin client, HTML, and remote desktop applications; the Everest E2000 industrial computer is designed for vehicle and fixed-mount industrial applications.