Product Showcase

  1. Pipeline X-Ray Inspection for Foods and Beverages

    The Loma X4 range of PipeLine X-ray inspection systems. These PipeLine models have been designed for contaminant detection in products that are (or can be) transported in a pipe, including diced meat, fround meat, meat pastes and slurry, dairy products, sauces, jams and preserves, chocolate, soups and pickles, ground meat, chicken trim, turkey and whole chicken fillets.

  2. Intelleflex Launches On-Demand, Product-Level Monitoring For The Perishable Food And Pharmaceutical Cold Supply Chain

    Intelleflex, a leading provider of on-demand data visibility solutions, today introduced two new additions to its product family. The new HMR-9090 Handheld Reader and FMR-6000 Fixed Reader work with Intelleflex tags to enable wireless, on-demand, product-level monitoring by providing the ability to read at distances up to 100 meters or through RF-challenging environments that include metals, liquids and inside packages and containers

  3. Electrostatic Fluid Coating Systems
    TotalStat electrostatic fluid coating systems are used to spray liquids such as oils, release agents, flavorings, lubricants and acrylates onto a surface in a uniform and precise manner. These fluid droplets seek out and adhere to the surface (pan, baking sheet, steel sheet), creating an extremely predictable and controllable coating.
  4. Rapid Same-Day Food Bacteria Detection System: GreenLight™ 900 Series

    Breakthrough same-day rapid bacteria analysis for meat and food products.

  5. High Speed Checkweighers
    The Loma LCW 3000 and 6000 checkweighers are ideal for in hi-speed weighing of rigid packaged products.
  6. Loma LCW 3000 And 6000 Checkweighers
    The Loma LCW 3000 and 6000 checkweighers are ideal for in motion weighing of all types of packaged products.
  7. X-Ray Inspection System: Upright Products
    The X4 SideShoot X-ray system provides accurate inspection of vertically oriented packages and products.
  8. X-Ray Inspection System - Small Products
    The Loma X4 X-ray FinePitch has been developed for maximum sensitivity, whilst producing advanced image processing for customers who require the most accurate safety inspection solution.
  9. Combination Metal Detection And Checkweigher Systems
    The Loma CW³ checkweigher and metal detector combination system is a versatile, proven integrated checkweighing and metal detection systems for the food and packaging industries.
  10. X-Ray Inspection Systems: Packaged Product
    The Loma X4 range of X-ray inspection systems for the food and packaging industries. It is the most advanced on the market today.