News | May 5, 2009

World's Most Sensitive Metal Detector Takes 'Metal Off The Menu' For Food Manufacturers


Mettler-Toledo Safeline, the worldwide leader in metal detection and x-ray inspection equipment, announces the release of significant new enhancements to its well established PowerPhasePRO software platform, the backbone of their most advanced metal detectors. The new software package and additional ancillary equipment takes metal detection technology to an even higher level of sophistication providing food manufacturers with real benefits to address the challenges of an increasingly demanding market.

Developed for today's highly automated food production plants and their current and future compliance requirements, these new enhancements deliver the opportunity for manufacturers to increase productivity, reduce overall manufacturing costs, and improve their competitiveness.

The innovative new software improves metal detection sensitivity delivering the ultimate protection of end consumers and brand preservation of manufacturers'.

A combination of multiple and ultra high frequency operation, optimized vector and noise control algorithms, and intelligent multi-channel technology deliver previously unheard of levels of detection sensitivity. Improvements of up to 50% can be achieved when measured against competing products. Even irregularly shaped and difficult to detect non-magnetic stainless steel contaminants in wet or conductive products can be readily detected.

With a unique "Change-Free" mode, which enables the individual profile of multiple products to be clustered together and inspected at a single setting, set-up time is eliminated maximizing operational efficiency.

Uptime is further enhanced with a revolutionary Condition Monitoring feature which constantly assesses the performance and operation of key detector elements and gives advanced warning of changes which could potentially cause downtime if left unaddressed. Messages from the Condition Monitoring system are displayed on the large, touch screen user interface. The early warning of potential problems before they escalate enables maintenance routines to be conducted outside normal production time for maximized uptime and production capacity.

Critical messages from PowerPhasePRO metal detectors can now be communicated directly to key individuals within the manufacturers' organization via a unique GSM gateway communication system. This allows the detector to send instant SMS text messages and emails to those that need to know. Typically, maintenance engineers can receive early warnings regarding potential downtime or line stoppages via the Condition Monitoring feature and QA or Production Managers can be advised of over-due validation testing of the system.

"The PowerPhasePRO represents the future of product inspection and effective metal detection." says Mike Bradley, Head of Sales and Marketing for Mettler Toledo Safeline. "We have spent a lot of time working closely with the major food safety standards organizations and leading retailers in order to understand their needs and expectations. We have also listened carefully to our customers regarding their challenges and the issues which keep them awake at night. The PowerPhasePRO software enhancements we have developed are based on those requirements and will enable users to meet and exceed all quality standards and achieve compliance with food safety audits."

The PowerPhasePRO will be showcased at Pack Expo 2009 in booth C-657, October 5-7, 2009.

Mettler-Toledo Safeline is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mettler-Toledo Inc., a global supplier of precision instruments with sales and service locations in 37 countries. The Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection Division, including the companies Safeline and Hi-Speed, is the world's leading supplier of in-line checkweighers, metal detectors, and x-ray inspection systems. Industries including food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical chemical and personal care use our solutions to continuously improve the quality of their products and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing and packaging processes.

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SOURCE: Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection