News | July 2, 2019

Tiff's Treats Delivers 50th Store, Will Continue Adding Warm Cookie Delivery Locations Across The U.S.

“Golden Ticket” gift card giveaway happening July 9 to celebrate 50 stores.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) - A commitment to providing the best customer experience in warm, fresh cookie delivery has propelled Austin-based Tiff’s Treats to rapid growth in recent years. Today the company announced the opening of its 50th store, located in Dallas suburb Highland Village, Texas.

A loyal customer base and demand for Tiff’s Treats’ signature warm cookies has multiplied the company’s locations in Texas, and $25 million of investor funding in 2017 kicked off expansion into new markets across the U.S., including Atlanta, Nashville, and later this summer, Charlotte, North Carolina.

To celebrate the 50th store opening, Tiff’s Treats is giving away 300 “Golden Ticket” gift cards to customers who order cookies for delivery from any Tiff’s Treats store on July 9. Lucky cookie recipients will find gift cards inside their cookie boxes valuing $10, $50, $100, $500 or the grand prize, $1,000.

“We’re grateful to our customers and couldn’t celebrate this milestone without including them in the excitement,” said Tiff’s Treats co-founder Tiffany Chen. “Hitting 50 stores, all company owned, is a meaningful achievement in our growth, and only the starting point of our growth to come,” she said, noting the 10 stores listed on the company’s website that will open soon and more to come.

Founders Tiffany and Leon Chen started the business 20 years ago as friends at The University of Texas at Austin with $20, a cell phone and an apartment kitchen. Today they are married with two children and owe the success of their growing business to a focus on customer experience—hiring friendly in-house drivers, using industry-leading technology and giving back to the communities their stores serve.

“To us, reaching 50 stores proves what we’ve believed from the beginning, that our warm cookie delivery service is more than a dessert or a gift, it’s an experience people can share,” said Leon Chen. “Helping create a moment of happiness for people is a privilege that we take seriously.”

The Tiff’s Treats cookie ordering app is one way the business prioritizes customer experience. The app allows customers to track their delivery with GPS and to record a digital, augmented reality gift message to accompany their cookie order.

About Tiff’s Treats 
Tiff’s Treats created the warm cookie delivery concept. Tiff’s Treats makes classic, baked-to-order cookies and brownies and delivers them straight from the oven to the home or office, WARM, in about an hour or so. Orders can be placed on demand or scheduled for a later date or time. Customers can order seamlessly via phone, online or the Tiff’s Treats app, all of which are supported by industry-leading technology and customer service. Founded in 1999, what started as two friends baking cookies at The University of Texas at Austin to help fellow students get through exams has now grown to 50 stores in Texas, Georgia and Tennessee with more than 1,000 employees, baking more than 100 million cookies since its inception. And the company is consistently focused on giving back: with grand opening fundraisers that fill needs for charities (and hungry bellies for Tiff's Treats fans!), Tiff’s Treats has donated more than $200,000 to worthy causes. To learn more, please visit

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