Case Study

Mobile Computers Track Real-Time Route Information

Route drivers for Lance, Inc. (Charlotte, NC), a nationwide snack food manufacturer and distributor, can now track product deliveries and monitor sales in real-time using the Norand Pen*Key 6110 mobile computer from Intermec Technologies Corp.

Designed for mobile computing needs, the 6110 contains an integrated 100 MHz AMD 486 processor, up to 32MB of RAM and PC card expansion for additional memory cards or hard disk drives, and preinstalled Windows 95 software. The 240 x 320 pixel, four level gray scale display is designed for good visibility in both indoor and outdoor lighting. The touch screen and tactile backlit keypad give users the choice of using either their fingertips or stylus for input. Options such as an integrated scanner, radio and magnetic stripe reader can help simplify communication and input of both bar-coded and numeric data.

The system also offers radio solutions for Wide Area Network (WAN) capabilities to maintain effective communication between home office and field. Under the contract, Intermec Technologies also provided user training on the Norand 6110 units for the route personnel, as well as 2,300 compact Norand 6820 printers and 300 Norand Pen*Key 6622 mobile computers for branch managers.

"Intermec's installation and training teams did an excellent job and our employees have adjusted well to the upgrade," says Rudy Gragnani, VP of information technology and CIO for Lance, Inc. "And most importantly, our customers are now seeing the value of our new system."

Lance, Inc., manufactures and markets snack foods, bread-basket items and private-label cookies and crackers throughout much of the U.S., mainly through a direct store delivery system and its route sales personnel. The company also services more than 60,000 vending machines.

"We look forward to this equipment helping us exceed customer expectations for the next seven to eight years," says Gragnani.

Intermec Technologies Corp., Norand Mobile Systems Division, 550 Second Ave. S.E., Cedar Rapids, Iowa 52401. Tel: 800-452.2757. Fax: 319.369.3453.