News | August 19, 2021

Mixer Process Control

A critical step in most dry bulk batching manufacturing processes is mixing or blending. Usually the mixing / blending together of various raw materials is done in a specific proportion in order to produce a final compound. Mixer process control is critical to quality and production efficiency. This includes applications in food and baking, rubber and feed milling among other industrial applications.

Some mixers are very specialized, such as the “banbury” mixer used in rubber production, or applications where the mixing container (bowl, tote or other) are used to collect the batch of ingredients. The “banbury” mixer in rubber compounding is somewhat unique. Most often to produce a rubber compound a combination of plastic resin (pellets, flakes, powders, or liquid) is combined with other materials, including liquids and bulk solid materials. Sterling Systems mixer process control includes automation of the mixing and batching processes, bulk bag unloading and the electrical controls.

The HMI mixing screen in the Sterling Systems’ automation system is an extension of the main batching screen which shows all of the equipment associated with the mixer. From the mixer process control screen the user has the ability to control the mixer’s RPM on the formula being run, along with the capability to view the status of and control related equipment. This screen also offers a data trending screen that allows the user to view the batch temperature, mixer torque, mixer power, and mixer speed for the last twenty hours.

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