News | August 10, 2007

Get A Kick From Caffeine With Maxx Performance

Chester, NY - While almost everyone likes the benefits of a bit of caffeine—mood enhancement, improved concentration, increased physical stamina, improved memory—not everyone likes the taste of coffee, its most common delivery vehicle. So for those looking for an alternative, Maxx Performance has another option—microencapsulated caffeine that can be added to food and beverage products without altering either their taste or texture.

"Caffeine alone is a very bitter substance," explains Winston Samuels, president and CEO, Maxx Performance Inc. "Without flavor masking, caffeine could not be added to most foods or beverages." Using the Maxx Performance Microencapsulation platform, small particles of caffeine are coated with a thin, tasteless, edible film. The microencapsulation masks the bitter taste of the caffeine, so that it can be easily added to food and beverage products without altering their flavor or texture.

"It‘s also difficult to deliver precise amounts of caffeine in a product because the amount in the finished product is dependent upon the processing conditions," says Samuels. "Conventional methods of caffeine dosing are generally hit and miss. More than is necessary is added upfront in the hope that the desired amount will be in the end product." Adding caffeine to products can be a very inexact and uneconomical process.

Maxx Performance Microencapsulation also provides a precise delivery mechanism for caffeine. The microencapsulation technology preserves the caffeine through the manufacturing process. End products contain only the desired amount of caffeine without any overage.

Beyond caffeine, the Maxx Performance Microencapsulation platform can be used to deliver vitamins, minerals, botanicals and other nutrients like Omega-3 fatty acid to food and dry mixes. Microencapsulation coats an ingredient with a thin film to give it added functionality, mask bitterness, prevent moisture pickup and preserve its integrity, leading to improved stability and shelf life.

Maxx Performance has a robust, flexible technology platform that caters to microencapsulation of highly sensitive bioactive substances such as probiotics and enzymes. It is also used to protect and stabilize vitamins and minerals, and to deliver time-release nutrients. Applications include, but are not limited to: baked goods, capsules, dry mixes, protein and nutrition bars, confections and energy drinks.

SOURCE: Maxx Performance