News | June 4, 1999

ConAgra to Market GM Corn

ConAgra Grain Companies (Omaha) have announced a joint marketing agreement with Monsanto Co. (St. Louis) for ConAgra to accept from U.S. producers corn that has been developed using biotechnology. For no additional handling fee, ConAgra Grain will separate, or "identity preserve," this corn for sale in markets that have approved the use or import of corn with traits developed through biotechnology. ConAgra will provide identity preservation for unapproved export corn with the understanding that the producer will identify the delivered corn as genetically enhanced.

"ConAgra Grain Companies wants all producers to have a choice in the kinds of crops they grow," said Jim Anderson, president, ConAgra Grain Companies. "Growers should have the freedom to plant hybrids which give them the highest quality and maximum yields for the lowest costs. Further, this will help growers have the widest range of options for effectively controlling weeds and pests."

U.S. growers will now have the option of using genetically enhanced corn, knowing ConAgra Grain will work to effectively market this corn at the best available market price.

ConAgra Grain Companies, part of ConAgra Trade Group, is a global grain merchandiser with more than 100 U.S. elevators located in major grain production states. ConAgra Trade Group and ConAgra Grain are part of ConAgra, Inc., a diversified international food company.