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Charles Ross And Son Company Tackles Hard To Solve Challenges In Today's Marketplace — Pharmaceutical Online Interview With Gladwyn Lagman, Charles Ross And Son Company

Charles Ross And Son Company Tackles Hard To Solve Challenges In Today's Marketplace &mdash; <I>Pharmaceutical Online Interview With Gladwyn Lagman, Charles Ross And Son Company</I>

The editorial staff at Pharmaceutical Online recently sat down with Gladwyn Lagman to discuss Charles Ross and Son Company and the trends in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry. Gladwyn is the Executive Vice President of Charles Ross and Son Company in Hauppauge, NY. Enjoy the discussion.

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What are the biggest challenges for Ross Mixers in today's marketplace?

To meet the fast changing needs of the markets we serve. We have made significant international investments and initiated stocking programs to assure our customers of short and on-time shipments.

How would you characterize Ross' product line to someone who is not familiar with your product offerings?

Ross manufactures the broadest line of specialty mixing, blending, drying and dispersion equipment. We are problem solvers, tackling the difficult, hard to solve challenges.

How has the increased number of international manufacturing plants affected sales and marketing?

We have expanded our facilities significantly to meet the growing needs of the international marketplace. We have new facilities in China while others are on the drawing board. All of these have greatly affected our sales and marketing to our existing and prospective customer base.

Can you explain the Ross' Test & Development Center? How has this assisted in customer satisfaction?

Our Test & Development Center is used by customers to evaluate equipment prior to purchase. Since we have a very diversified product line, several different designs can be tested to determine the optimum choice for a particular application. We also maintain an extensive analytical lab, which includes advanced laser type particle size analysis equipment, and other specialized instruments. Today's engineers tell us that quantitative testing is a critical step in selecting equipment.

What markets are the most important to Ross Mixers?

All of the process industries are important to Ross. Our longevity, breadth of products, manufacturing expertise and understanding of wide ranging processes helps us to assist customers in all industries.

Is there a product offering from Ross that you expect significant interest from in the next 3-6 months? If so, why?

Yes, we are planning to introduce a new line of equipment that will compliment our existing offerings.

How would you characterize Ross' current position in the market?

We consider ourselves to be the trendsetter in the specialty mixing and blending equipment business. We have been in business, specializing in mixers and blenders, since 1842. We have more and geographically wider ranging manufacturing capability than any other single company.

Source: Charles Ross and Son Company