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AAA20Group LLC Investing Over $1M In Robot-As-A-Service Designed To Streamline End-Of-Line Bakery Palletizing Operations

Las Vegas, NV /PRNewswire/ - AAA20Group, LLC, a subscription-based robotic solutions leader, announced today that they will be introducing their new, high-capacity cooperative palletizing robot at the International Baking Industry Exposition (IBIE). The expo takes place in Las Vegas, NV, on September 18 through September 21, 2022. AAA20 Group will exhibit at Booth #7162 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. According to Karen Mallouk, Co-Founder of Las Vegas, NV-based AAA20 Group, LLC, "Attending IBIE enables us to meet face-to-face with bakery leaders from around the Western Hemisphere. In addition, our cost and labor-saving messages are compelling for bakery operators looking to boost capacity and cut costs by adding automation to their business".

Investment in a growing trend
AAA20Group is investing over $1 million in its robot-as-a-service (RaaS) business model. This investment enables the company to offer a new, more efficient palletizing robot that adds much-needed automation capacity to end-of-line packaging. Perfect for medium to large bakery operations, the CP-200 robot delivers a gripping capacity of 44 lbs., doubling that of the popular CP-100 model. Depending on the application, the C-100 and C-200 systems can offer a significant cost-saving potential for nearly any packaging line requiring end-of-line palletizing. From a cost-benefit standpoint, these cooperative palletizing robots can easily replace a human worker doing equivalent work. In addition to the hourly labor cost savings, the robotic systems reduce the possibility of repetitive motion injury.

Easy introduction to bakery packaging automation                       
Mallouk continues, "Our program eliminates the need for robotics expertise, as our application experts will fully configure the system and deliver a turn-key solution. The implementation process is efficient, convenient, and offers the benefits of 100% financing. Additionally, by leasing the labor-saving robots, resources may be shifted from capital expense to operating expense. Following either the traditional way of buying machinery or the robot-as-employee (subscription), growing bakery operations can reallocate their workforce toward higher-level activities and, as a result, optimize valuable human capital."

A hedge against tightening labor markets
Though an ongoing shortage of workers affects many industries, some medium-sized bakery operations are still reticent about investing in automation. However, most entrepreneurs agree that anything that can help reduce labor count is attractive at this particular time. The goal to minimize labor overhead is why AAA20 Group is responding to the growing demand for cooperative robotic solutions. The approach is gaining specific traction among bakery operations. Karen Mallouk adds, "Our automation systems are affordable, highly productive, and easy to operate; they are excellent at following precise, repetitive movements typical in bakery packaging operations." 

About AAA20 Group, LLC 
AAA20 Group, LLC is a privately held company headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. The company provides collaborative robotic equipment solutions used in the packaging industry. Proven automation industry leaders manufacture the robots offered for lease by AAA20. More about the new model C-200 collaborative palletizer: (pending publication)

Source: AAA20Group, LLC

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