News | September 24, 2019

Whole Foods Market Installs New York WaterMaker System In Mid-Atlantic Regional Headquarters


A little over one year ago, New York WaterMaker™ sent shockwaves throughout the culinary world by introducing the world's first water source replication/customization system to market. After making shockwaves in the pizza, bagels and baking industries, New York WaterMaker™ proudly announces its entry into the supermarket industry with the installation of a New York WaterMaker™ in Whole Foods Market's new state-of-the-art test kitchen in Rockville, Maryland.

Whole Foods Market and their artisan bakers know that water is a crucial ingredient to produce superior tasting, healthy, and wholesome baked goods. Now armed with a New York WaterMaker™, the world's most successful natural and organic food retailer is upping the ante in its unrelenting quest to be the gold standard for baked goods and potentially more.

Artisan bakers know that New York water has the ideal characteristics for baking, especially when it comes to breads, pizzas, and crusts. Water is a main ingredient in dough and all baking recipes, and the one ingredient that bakers cannot control or keep consistent across geographic regions and locations; but now can with the NY WaterMaker™.

NY WaterMaker™ President & CEO, Paul Errigo said, “We couldn’t be more thrilled that Whole Foods Market, a company who puts such a high priority on innovation and quality, sees the value in New York WaterMaker™. The NYWM system filters and disinfects water to a 0% microbial count and is 100% chemical free, which we know is important to them. We are honored to help Whole Foods Market deliver superior products consistently in all their locations and look forward to working with their team.”

Now that the New York WaterMaker™ is installed, Whole Foods Market is equally as excited to start experimenting. “We’re looking forward to continuing innovation and experimentation to make the best baked goods possible and testing the system,” Kristen Robinson, Whole Foods Market culinary senior team leader, Mid-Atlantic region said.

Ever since its unveiling at 2018 Pizza Expo, New York WaterMaker™ has experienced a successful wave of sustained momentum. While turning the culinary world upside down this past year, NY Water Maker™ installed systems in pizza, bagel and bakeries across 21 cities in the US, and is now in the artisan coffee market. As New York WaterMaker™ continues to expand in 2019, tens of thousands of transplanted New Yorkers – not to mention anyone who appreciates the tasty goodness of NY baked foods – will have local access to the same exact water that makes the finest pizza, bagels, baked goods and other New York food items in the world.

About New York WaterMaker™

New York WaterMaker™ is the world’s first patent-pending water source replication/customization system that will change the world by allowing restaurants, pizzerias, bakeries, bagel stores, and all food and beverage companies to replicate any specific type of water used in a key geographic location or customize water to desired characteristics. Businesses can now create NYC pizza or bagels anywhere in the world, or a franchisor can ensure that their recipes taste the same across multiple geographic locations and regions. Moreover, the New York WaterMaker™ offers the world’s cleanest and safest water by delivering superior filtration, disinfection, softening, and descaling in an incredibly small footprint.

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