Ross Three Roll Mills

Seventy-five years after Charles Ross and Son Company introduced the Ross Three Roll Mill, it is said to remain the definitive roller mill...
Charles Ross and Son Companyy-five years after <%=company%> introduced the Ross Three Roll Mill, it is said to remain the definitive roller mill for a wide variety of dispersion applications. Now, Ross offers a data sheet on its full line of Three Roll Mills for lab and production applications.

With six models to choose from, the Three Roll Mill is claimed to be an excellent choice for such diverse applications as electronic thick-film inks, paints, pharmaceutical ointments, printing inks and cosmetics. Specifications included on the data sheet aid processors in equipment selection. The original 52M - 2-1/2" x 5" is popular for bench-top development work and small volume production, while the 4" x 8" and 5" x 12" floor models are designed for laboratory and pilot plant production. Higher-volume production is easily handled by the 6" x 14" and the 52TC - 9" x 24" Three Roll Mills.

Many options such as Teflon or bronze end plates and explosion-proof control enclosures are available to fine-tune Ross Three Roll Mills for particular applications, and they are listed on the data sheet as well. Ross mixing, blending and dispersion equipment is manufactured on four continents and marketed worldwide. In the USA, Ross operates four manufacturing plants and is represented nationwide. For more information contact Ron Reid, Executive Vice President, Charles Ross & Son Company, 710 Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, NY 11788. Toll-Free Phone: (800)243-ROSS. Fax: (516)234-0691. Internet: