Download | August 29, 2000

CyberMatrix Pro Sched™ Version 1.11: Scheduler for Professionals

Source: Cybermatrix
Features include: Recurring Events -- Appointments can be booked using sophisticated recurring events with daily, weekly and monthly options. Options exist for deleting a single booking in a recurring event or deleting the entire event. An end date for the recurring event may also be entered. Searching -- A search feature allows for finding all people that are available on a given day for a certain time period. Bookings may also be searched by available time slot as well as by name date etc. Week At A Glance -- The scheduler screen can be toggled from single day view to a weekly view of the current person's appointments. People At A Glance -- The scheduler screen can be toggled from single person view to show appointments for all people in the current day. Month At A Glance -- The scheduler screen can be toggled from single day view to show the current month's bookings for the selected person. Reports -- All appointments for a single person or all people in any given time period can be printed to the screen or sent directly to a printer. Appointments can be sorted by date or by person's name. Export To HTML -- Reports may be exported to an HTML format. This feature allows your users to view appointments over your intranet or even from the Internet. Booking Groups of People -- People can be combined together into groups. These groups can then be booked like any person. Customizable Time Period -- Book appointments on the hour, half-hour or any other fraction. Multi-Language Support -- Users from non-English speaking countries may convert the software's text into their own language's equivalents.
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