• 3M Technologies Receive Top Honors At 2015 Edison Awards

    3M, a science-based company that inspires creative collaboration, announced today that two of its powerful technologies have been selected to receive a 2015 Edison Award — a prestigious global honors program highlighting excellence in creative innovation

  • New Piezo Tare Button For Enterprise Portion Control Scales

    DETECTO's USA-made Enterprise APS series digital scales are ideal for precise portion control weighing in pizza kitchens, delis, and bakeries. The APS seriescan be equipped with an optional APSPB piezo tare button to expedite production in busy food prep settings

  • Bimbo Bakeries USA Introduces New Healthfull Bread

    Bimbo Bakeries USA celebrates the nationwide launch of its new premium bread line, Healthfull, by unveiling “Love, Your Bread,” a fully integrated marketing campaign that brings to life how whole grain bread has the power to love you back in deliciously fun and unexpected ways

  • How To Prepare For FSMA Allergen Legislation

    With undeclared food allergens becoming more-strictly regulated, food companies will need to figure out methods to control allergens both internally and from suppliers.

  • QUORiON Launches POS System For Small Business

    QUORiON, the German POS system manufacturer, launches its new all-in-one POS system for small business. At the RSPA show in Orlando last year, the company already showcased a prototype POS system with the intention to produce it in 2015. The new QTouch 8 has evolved past the trial installations and QUORiON now stands ready to begin its full scale production.

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